In 1968, the Troop was chartered anew. Our "founding scoutmaster" is Edward Finn, who
in 2022, with over 50 years of scouting service, remains our chartered organization
representative and an assistant scoutmaster. Following Mr. Finn, the scoutmaster position was
held in turn by Jerry Dougherty, John Vinnacombe and Jim Kelly The roster of dedicated adult
leaders from the early years includes John Panoc, who originally recruited Mr. Finn to
the scoutmaster position, Tony Lutz, the first committee chair, Don E. Smith, whose son Gerry
became our first Eagle Scout of the new era, John C. Finigan, Dominic Branca, John Middleton,
Dan Helfertry, Bill Fendt, Al Swope, John Conlon, Dan Shanders, John Pasternak, Diego Bigas,
John Magyarik, John McCauley, Andy Waldron, Rich Parsons, Pat Meara, Pete Bloomer and
Vick Marchlik.
In 1998, with the retirement of its adult leadership, the troop again faced
forfeiture of its charter. At Mr. Finn's invitation, Glen D. Clark, then a Pack 225 committee
member and a former scout, agreed to become the scoutmaster. In March 1999, together with
veteran scouter and Eagle Scout Carmen Martella, Jr. (1952 – 2017), he welcomed the six
members of the first class of the "new" troop 225 into the unit. Although small in number and
​green in the ways of scouting, this Dragon patrol, as they named themselves, acquitted
themselves well at the Minquas district camporee that Spring and won a prize. The original
members of the Dragon patrol included Tom Finn, Nick Martella, Philip Dupuis, Matt
Garabedian, Tom Grogan and Francis McDyer.
In March 2000, the troop's membership more than doubled with the crossing over of eight
members of Den 5, Pack 225 and the addition of two other new scouts from outside of
the pack. The class of 2000 became the Lightning patrol. When their patrol guidon was retired in 2007,
five of the original members remained with the troop and all five became Eagle scouts.
Since then the troop has flourished, with a vigorous camping program augmented by high
adventure treks for the more experienced scouts, regular service projects for the parish and the
community, a dedicated contingent of members of the Order of the Arrow, the National Scouting
honor society, and an extensive religious emblems program for its members of all faiths. The
troop was represented at the National Jamborees in 2001 and 2005 and provided not only Mr.
Clark as the scoutmaster but a large number of participants and staff members for the Minquas
district 2010 and 2013 National Jamboree troops. Since 2006, two Arrowmen have served as
chief of the Minquas OA chapter, several senior scouts have graduated from “Silver Stag” - the
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course - and one, Liam O’Brien, participated in
the St. George Trek to Philmont Scout Ranch sponsored by the National Catholic Committee on

And the trail stretches forward...

Troop 225 Boothwyn, Pa

Troop 225 History

Troop 225 as it presently exists was chartered in 1968. The troop had previously existed
at Saint Joseph from approximately 1959 until 1967, but it had become inactive and its charter
was withdrawn. Records of the original Troop 225 are no longer extant, but some memories and
highlights of that era have been provided by scouter and alumnus, Robert A. Johnson, now of
Jemison, Alabama, who joined the troop in 1960 and rose to become its first Eagle Scout in
1965. He wrote,
“The first thing I remember about entering the troop in 1960 was that there were a
lot of scouts already there that I knew... I was a member of the [St. Joseph]
church as well as a student of St. Joseph’s school, as were almost all or maybe all
of the other scouts.
Our scoutmaster’s name was Mr. Johnson... Our assistant scoutmaster’s name
was Mr. Bennett. We had a great time in scouting, went camping, backpacking,
Camp Delmont, but not much else. Merit badges were relatively unknown in our
After a couple of years, Troop 76 merged with our troop. Their scoutmaster’s
name was Mr. Lavery and he became our scoutmaster. He may have been the
scoutmaster for only a year or so.
The next man to take the head job was Hiram Shafer. I say “man” because at this
time, women in boy scouts was unknown beyond the cub program. Mr. Shafer
was still scoutmaster when I earned my Eagle in 1965, the first ever in Troop 225.
Joseph Heart also served as scoutmaster during this period.”